Our Products


Ashley Food Company has been making all natural, award-winning products since 1991. We make products that range from mild with great flavor all the way to the hottest sauce you have ever tasted. Our product line has won over 50 state and national awards, including many national titles.

All Mad Dog creations are made in hand-measured batches and cooked to perfection. Only the finest all natural ingredients continue to be used: fresh Habanero and Ghost Pepper, premium unsulphured sweet molasses. We also use imported cloves and the very best Caribbean spices and the exotic African Peri Peri pepper containing their one of a kind fiery taste. Discerning might even be an understatement, with the above illustrating his consistent, mad dogged commitment to quality.

Our hot sauce products are made by the finest, all natural, quality ingredients. At Ashley Food Company, we focus on providing the best. Our consumers have raved and testified to this standard. Our extreme hot sauces, pepper extracts are a one of a kind creation. All of our products are made in the USA.

Here’s to your health, chili madness, and culinary satisfaction,  Live Life to its Hottest!

  — David Ashley, Founder